Storage Boxes

The right shoe storage solution will handle your shoe storage needs squarely and give you the joy of enjoying the clean look of a reorganized room. One of the best solutions you can go for is shoe storage boxes. They’re specially designed to hold shoes and offer the extra benefit of keeping the shoes locked up away from dust, spills and scratchy surfaces. The beauty of using shoe boxes is that you can have just enough for the shoes you own. You can always add more as your shoe collection grows. This means you’re not stuck with a huge storage unit that eats up your precious floor space while only a small amount of its space is filled up with shoes. Arrange your shoe storage boxes in the closet or set up shelving to hold them. They can also go underneath the bed. Or if you have a storage bed, the boxes can go into these drawers.

When you have many shoe storage boxes, finding a specific pair of shoes can be hard work. Labelling your boxes is one way to avoid this headache. But what if you have 10 pairs of black, strappy heels or five brown wedges? You still have to open all 10 or five boxes to find the exact shoes you want. Well, it’s better than opening all 20 or 30 boxes, but an easier way to go about it would be printing a picture of the shoes and sticking it on the outside of the box. When you look at each box, you’ll automatically know what shoes are kept inside. Alternatively, get clear shoe storage boxes or ones with a clear cover, which give you a clear view of the shoes inside.

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