Keeping shoes organized can be a big headache when you don’t have a specific storage unit for them. It gets worse if your home is small and there isn’t much room to spare for a large storage cabinet. You can quickly resolve this quandary by investing in narrow shoe cabinets. Thanks to their slender frame, they take up only a fraction of the space the standard shoe cabinet would take, providing you with a practical way to keep your shoes without taking away from the floor space you so much need. And because they are so convenient to have in the hallway, you can place two or three of them on one side of the wall, so that you have plenty of room for all your shoes.

Just because they are designed to be squeezed into tiny spaces, narrow shoe cabinets are in no way less efficient than other shoe cupboards. To make up for the lack of width, designers make these cabinets longer than the average shoe cabinets. This way, they can hold more shoes. In many cases, they accommodate as many pairs of shoes as shoe cabinets of a standard size, Sometimes, they carry more shoes. Get the most out of your narrow shoe cabinet by choosing a model that is also tall. Such a cabinet has more room inside and comfortably holds high shoes. If you have many pairs of calf- or knee-length shoes, a narrow and tall shoe cabinet will prove to be an essential requirement.

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